7-Eleven Introduces Fresh Foods Line

7-Eleven7-Eleven has plans to focus on a fresh foods line in the coming years. The goal of the new line is to ultimately have fresh foods account for 20% of total sales. 7-Eleven, a convenience store chain with over 7,400 stores running on franchises in the U.S., is responding to consumer demand for healthier foods.

Margaret Chabris, spokesperson of the chain, said that the category would be something that the company will now focus on. Chabris said that the company has a team of experts put together from restaurant veterans to Ph.Ds, who will be working on the proprietary line and its innovations. The company wants to ensure that they provide the consumer with food products that will not only be fresh, but will also be of great value, high quality, great taste, variety and textures to meet consumers’ needs.

Chabris confirmed that one of the main profit-drivers to creating this new category, in addition to demand for healthier food, is the decline in tobacco sales. Cigarettes were one of the main profit-drivers for this and other convenience stores, but the significant decrease in smoking over time has led to declining profits.

In the 1990s, 7-Eleven began offering salads and sandwiches in its fresh foods selections, and grew this selection with time. The convenience store chain has also been selling prepared foods over the years. It has built networks around the country that enable it to set up these fresh food plans and hopefully it will be a success. The spokesperson declined to disclose what the fresh food menu would offer.


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