The family of nutty goodness from Bertie County’s peanuts just got bigger. North Carolina-based food company Bertie County Peanuts has just introduced the newest addition to its product range, the “Weeping Mary’s Ghost Pepper Peanuts.”

Ever since the business started, family-owned Bertie County Peanuts has always specialized in producing different kinds of peanut products for people’s consumption. The company has come to be loved by its customers for the excellent quality and size of its peanuts. Bertie County’s peanuts are all locally grown and are super extra large in size. Bertie County is expanding its product line with the introduction of this hot, savory and seasoned product.

Weeping Mary’s Ghost Pepper Peanuts are packed in recyclable, clear plastic jars that show how excellent the quality of the peanuts are. These peanuts are seasoned with Naga Jolokia, also known as the ghost pepper, one of the hottest types of pepper in the entire world. Aside from Naga Jolokia, the peanuts are also seasoned with Habanera pepper, sea salt and paprika. The combination of peppers and seasoning makes this new peanut product dangerously hot and delicious. This hot peanut snack is perfect for snackers who love both peanuts and anything spicy.

Weeping Mary’s Ghost Pepper Peanuts is definitely a must-try for those who are looking for a hot adventure in their food. This new peanut product from Bertie County Peanuts is now available in different retail stores all over the country. Suggested selling price for a 10-ounce jar is $5.60 while suggested selling price for a 30-ounce jar is $14.50.