NaralaCommissioner Darrel Aubertine of New York State’s Department of Agriculture announced a product recall for ‘Halal Fruit Cake’ and ‘Plain Halal Cake.’ The products are said to contain eggs, which have not been listed as part of the ingredients. This was found after results of a random sample testing showed that the products contained eggs, which had not been declared on the product packaging.

The recalled ‘Halal’ fruit cakes and plain cakes are distributed by the Narala Bakery Incorporated. The company also packs the recalled cakes. Both ‘Halal’ fruit cakes and plain cakes are packed in random sizes and weights and are wrapped in retail clear plastic. There are no manufacturer codes or UPC codes found on the packaging of these cakes.

People who have a high sensitivity to eggs or egg-containing products might suffer from allergy attacks upon eating the recalled cakes. In some instances, allergy attacks in people with weakened health conditions can lead to even more serious injuries to health. Thus, it is important that allergens such as eggs be declared in food products that contain it. Currently, no allergy attacks or health incidences have been reported that are connected to the recalled ‘Halal’ cakes.

The recalled products were distributed to different locations all throughout the city of New York. People who bought the recalled products, especially those who have allergic reactions to eggs (and all egg-containing food), are advised to discard it. They may also call Narala Bakery at 718-287-8494 for any recall-related concerns or questions.