A Product Recall for Kashi Frozen Pizza

Kashi announced on June 6, a recall for its frozen pizza products due to the possible presence of plastic bits in the pizza crust.

About 11,000 cases of frozen pizzas are affected by the recall. Varieties of the recalled products include Mediterranian, Roasted Vegetables, and Mushroom Trio & Spinach. All of the varieties are thin crust pizzas.

A more detailed specification of the recalled products include:


Description                   Variety                             Size(box)                     UPC code                           Best by
Thin crust                 Mediterranean                     12.7 oz                  1862732905                 3 May 10 12NU
–                                     –                                            –                                       –                           May 18 12NU
–                                     –                                            –                                       –                           May 19 12NU
Thin Crust               Roasted Vegetable               12.2 oz                   1862737342             1 May 09 12NU
–                                     –                                            –                                       –                            May 14 12NU
Thin Crust                     Kashi Mushroom       –                                       –
–                                            & Spinach                       11.9 oz                     1862737344             5 May 17 12NU

The company stresses that no other pizza varieties are affected by the recall aside from the specified ones. The company has not received any reported health incidences that are related to the affected products. The recall was done as a precautionary measure in order to ensure the safety of its consumers.

The recalled frozen pizzas were distributed all over the country and are sold in all grocery and food retail establishments. Kashi also apologizes for the incident and is assuring the public that it is working with both suppliers and retailers in order to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Customers who were able to buy the recalled frozen pizzas may request a replacement. They may call Kashi’s Customer Service Department at 877-864-3521, from 8 AM until 6 PM EST. The company is available for assistance from Monday until Friday. Consumers may also visit the company’s website at www.Kashi.com.

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