CilantroOn April 20, Satur Farms LLC announced a voluntary recall for its cilantro product because of the possibility of bacterial contamination.

The recalled cilantro lot is thought to be contaminated with the Salmonella bacteria. This was discovered after a USDA routine test where random samples of the seeds used tested positive for Salmonella. Although the succeeding tests on the cilantro lots have tested negative for salmonella, the company is still taking precautionary measures and has temporarily stopped the distribution of the product.

The recalled cilantro was packed in bulk bags, with net weights of one-half pound and one pound. The lot number, which can be seen on the label is 6347.

Salmonella is a harmful bacterium that can cause severe health problems for people who are infected by it. Common symptoms of infection include high fever, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and in some cases, bloody diarrhea. If the bacteria get into the bloodstream, it can cause arterial infections, arthritis and endocarditis. For those who have weakened immune systems, Salmonella infection can be fatal.

Currently, no related health incidences have been reported in connection to the recall.

Prior to the recall, the cilantro product had been distributed to only six customers in New York, specifically in the areas of Long Island and New York City. None of the affected product was distributed to any retail market.

The customers who were able to buy the recalled cilantro are urged to return it to the company. They may also call at 631-734-4219 from 8 AM until 4 PM Eastern time. The company is available to assist concerns from Monday-Friday.