Dried Taro S & M Enterprise Corporation recently announced a product recall for its dried taro product because it contains sulfites which have been undeclared as part of its ingredients.

The product recall was made after it was found during a routine sampling that sulfites were not listed as an ingredient despite its being present in the dried taro product. The recalled product is distributed and sold under the Grove Grow Notes brand and are packaged in clear, un-coded plastic retail bags. Each retail pack has a net weight of 14 ounces. The recalled dried taro is an imported product from China.

Sulfites have been known to trigger allergy attacks in some people. Ingestion of at least ten milligrams of sulfites for every serving has been proven to trigger severe allergic reactions in people who are suffering from asthma. In worse cases, anaphylactic shock can happen to those who are hypersensitive to sulfites.

At the time of the product recall, no health incidences linked to the affected product have been reported. The dried taro product has been sold and distributed to different retail areas in New York and other areas, as well.

Customers who were able to buy the recalled product, especially those who have asthma or have known allergies to sulfites, are advised to either discard it or return it to the place of purchase where they can get a refund. They may also call 917-662-7995 if they have questions or concerns regarding the product recall. A consumer service representative will be able to assist them by answering any questions they may have.