ValuMarket’s Cheese SpreadOn the 1st of February, Shuckman’s Fish Company of Kentucky gave an update on the product recall that they previously announced for specific brands of their cheeses. The company has updated that the affected cheeses possibly contains undeclared anchovy puree, as well as soy. The two ingredients may cause life threatening allergy attacks in people who are hypersensitive to it. The product recall was made after it was found that the packaging of the cheese products did not include anchovy puree and soy in its list of ingredients.

The recall is limited only to the following cheese products:

Kentucky Bourbon Cheese under the brand Mooney’s – net weight of 8 ounces, packaged in retail plastic tubs, lot code 010511, with date for sale of 4/5/2011; lot code 012111 with date for sale of 4/19/11. The UPC code for this batch is 8-28260-10038-0.

Cheese Spread under the ValuMarket brand – net weight of 8 ounce, packaged in plastic retail tubs, lot code 92810 with date for sale 11/28/10; lot code 101810 (sale date 12/18/10); lot code 102210 (sale date 12/22/10); lot code 111210 (sale date 1/12/11); lot code 112610 (sale date 1/26/11); lot code 121310 (sale date 3/13/11); lot code 011411 (sale date 4/14/11), lot code 011711 (sale date 4/17/2011). The UPC code for this batch is 0-28260-12501-1.

The products have been distributed and sold in Kentucky retail stores. The company said that the reason for the undeclared ingredients was a temporary failure of the packaging and production procedures.

Customers who bought the recalled products are advised to return it to the store in order to be given a refund. They can also call Shuckman’s Fish Company at 1 502-775-6478, from Monday until Friday. The company will answer their questions and concerns from 8 AM until 3 PM, EST.