Advanced Food Products, LLC

AFP ProductsAdvanced Food products, LLC is a manufacturing company producing dips, cheese sauces, pudding, cheese sauce dispensers, beverages, sauces, spreads, and soups. The company is based in Pennsylvania and exports its products to 12 countries.

Advanced Food products, LLC was founded in 2001. The company is currently owned by Land O Lakes Inc., which has a 1/3 share, and Bongrain SA in France, which has 2/3rd share. With the major part of the share in hand, Bongrain SA maintains the company.

The company has its headquarters in New Holland, Pennsylvania and employs around 600 people. It is the number one manufacturer of cheese sauces and is renowned for its unique aseptic packaging. It is a wholesale manufacturer selling its products to foodservices and retail industries. The company also has a partnership with Groupe Soparind Bongrain, famous manufacturers of specialty cheeses. The quality of its products remains the key to success for this company.

Major changes were made to the company’s vision and goals in 2004. The company centered its goal on providing high quality products to the customers instead of focusing on profit generation. This increased the popularity of its products. It also brought changes to the organizing structure focusing on providing the customers with quality products at the lowest prices.

Miroslav Hosek of Bongrain SA in France became the CEO of Advanced Food Products, LLC in 2006. He was well experienced in the industry with his previous positions in other countries. His role was to bring about the changes to the company. Hosek succeeded in making the changes and this showed in improved sales. Over the next few years, the company achieved record sales.

Advanced Food Products, LLC introduced new dairy products to the market in 2007. It maintained its high quality, which allowed the company to expand further and started exporting its products to over 12 countries around the world. To maintain its number one position in the industry, the company welcomed new strategies. It upgraded the manufacturing plants with the very latest equipment and the team worked hard to provide customers with high quality products. Also, all the products of Advanced Food Products, LLC are certified by ISO-9000 and HACCP.

Company headquarters: 402 South Custer Avenue, New Holland, PA., USA
Ownership: Private Subsidiary of Bongrain SA and Land O Lakes Inc.
Annual Revenue: $220 million
No. of manufacturing plants: 3
No of employees: 600
Geography: New Holland, PA; Visalia, CA; Clear Lake, WI.
Demography: Natural and Organic, and Value shoppers.

Campo Lindo, Muy Fresco, Jelly Belly, Real Fresh, Café Classics, Anderson’s,

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  1. Nancy Sparks May 31, 2013 at 11:04 pm - Reply

    A few days ago i bought a can of “Campo Lindo Guacamole style dip” at our local Dollar Tree Store here in New Castle, Pa. It was very good i was impressed i went back today to buy more of it but could only find 2 more cans of it i have no car so the local bus is my transpertation. So how can i find more of this what other stores might sell it? Only thing is the dollar tree was only one dollar so i really don’t want to have to pay double or tripple somewhere else. Thank you for your time & understanding, Sincerly , Nancy L.Sparks

  2. Lorraine Schmear December 29, 2012 at 3:05 pm - Reply

    I recently bought a package of Real fresh Tapioca pudding and was very disgusted with the product. The containers are only half full and are like drying rubber cement.
    There are 2 dates on the cups …15May2012N3R TAP and under that it says Best by 15May2013 23:18. I will never trust this company again

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