Oregon-based Ajinomoto Frozen Foods issued a recall on 8.47-ounce trays of its vegetable-gyoza dumplings. The dumplings were recalled because of the presence of Pollock and shrimp that have not been declared in the product’s label.

The recall was immediately initiated after it had been observed that seafood-gyoza dumplings were contained in trays labeled as vegetable-gyoza dumplings. The recalled batch has a lot code of 231751 and was distributed from the 30th of June up to the 4th of August this year. The affected gyoza dumplings are sold under the Ajinomoto brand. The lot code can be seen printed on the package side.

An allergy alert was issued for the mislabeled products because there may be consumers who have high sensitivity to shellfish or fish. If these people accidentally consume dumplings containing the said ingredients, allergy attacks will be very likely to occur. In people with weak immune systems, an allergy attack could turn into something more serious. People who have existing medical conditions, like heart disease, may also experience something more serious from an allergy attack. No allergy attacks that are related to the recalled product were reported however.

The recalled dumplings were distributed to various restaurants and retail food stores all over the country. Consumers who were able to buy the recalled vegetable-gyoza dumplings can return them to the store where they bought them. Consumers who return the recalled product will be given full refund. Customers may also call Ajinomoto at 1-503-505-5783 with any concerns they might have. Calls are entertained from 8:30 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon, Pacific Standard Time.