The new ALDI’s store in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota gave locals a sneak peek of how the store looks inside before it officially opened last Friday.

The sneak peek was done on Thursday, when ALDI’s was briefly opened to visitors. The store officially had its opening day on Friday, June 24. Before the open house, community leaders and store officials gathered first for the ribbon-cutting program.

It was evident that a lot of people attended the event because parking around the area was very hard to find that day. In fact, some visitors were forced to park at Bremer Bank which was just across the street from ALDI’s. Some also parked at Wal-Mart. Locals rushed to the soon-to-open discount store to check out what products will be on sale for its opening day. The sneak peek lasted until 3 in the afternoon.

ALDI has always been known for its premium private label brands which cost at least forty percent less when compared to national brands that are sold in conventional grocery stores. Aside from ALDI, two new businesses will also be opening in Oak Park. Auto Zone and fast-food restaurant White Castle will also be opening for business soon.

Todd Streeter, a Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, said that they always get excited every time a new business opens in Oak Park Heights. He also added that the Chamber of Commerce is continuously looking for businesses that might be interested in investing in the area. They have always wanted for Oak Park Heights to grow economically.