Associated Grocers Inc.

Associated GrocersBaton Rouge, LA based Associated Grocers Inc. traces its roots to 1950 when it offered independent groceries the retail services they needed. It operated in Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Guam and Alaska. The company is a retailer’s cooperative distributing merchandise and groceries to about 300 members. The company gives retailers the services, products and tools they need to ensure that their stores stand out and remain the choice for consumers. The mission of the company, according to its website, is “Dedicated to the support and success of the independent retail grocer.”

The company supports home cooking and promotes neighborhood supermarkets as the alternative choice for today’s shoppers. The year 2007 saw the company acquired by Unified Western Grocers, another cooperative. The association had increased collective buying power and the member-retailers could get goods at a lower cost by buying directly from the food manufacturers. The first warehouse of 2,500 square feet was situated in Baton Rouge’s downtown area near the Mississippi River. In 1975, the company relocated in to Anselmo Lane in Baton Rouge, which is still its current site.

The space occupied by its administrative and warehouse buildings totals about 700,000 square feet. Extensions to existing facilities included adding 108,000 square feet for the warehouse to give room for grocery and dairy products and 34,000 square feet for dock and freezer space that needed by the distribution centers.

The company offers the member-retailer services that include procurement, merchandising, retail technology, marketing, advertising, accounting and equipment and design services. The company has over 750 employees working full-time with annual sales of about $675 million. The company is a member-owner of Topco the umbrella association with independent retailers and food supermarkets.


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