Associated Supermarkets

Associated SupermarketsAssociated Supermarkets is a wholesale grocery store incorporated in New York’s surroundings. The Associated stores name is been around over 50 years.

While the number of grocery shops and independent markets are increasing on a continuous basis, one cannot ignore the mushrooming chain supermarkets all over the United States. One of the well known supermarkets is Associated Supermarkets, which is a grocery chain founded in the 1950s. It has served the people in and around the New York, Tri-State Area. This grocery chain offers high quality of food at a discounted price.

Associated Supermarket also has stylish and elegant view, with a number of well trained and friendly employees to offer their services to the customers. Associated Supermarkets prides itself on providing the greatest quality service to ensure the satisfaction of all their clients. Associated currently has an estimate of 146 stores serving New York City and surrounding areas.

Associated Supermarkets has a new Website design that provides more detail to aid the view of the weekly sales ad and to improve customer feedback through the ‘Contact’ form. Additionally, it features the latest web tools such as Twitter and Geo Mapping to allow customers to locate their closest store and to shop on-line viewing the latest specials and the store offerings in the convenience of their own home.

Associated Supermarkets is known for being a community market and is continuing their support by providing convenient locations and great prices. They provide free online unlimited coupons to provide additional savings. They closed their weekly advertising in the New York Daily News when the paper ran ongoing articles, critical to the stores.

Industry – Privately Own
Founded: 1950s
Employees: 1,000+
Sales: unknown
Headquarters: New York, City
No. of Stores: 146 +
Geography: New York, Tri-State Area, US
Products: organic produce, fresh flowers, Bakery, Prepared foods, meat, seafood, and more

Associated Supermarkets

Store Brands
Super A: The brand offers a variety of baked bread. It also has products such as coffee, milk, can goods, frozen foods, and household cleaning supplies at discounted prices.

Organics: The company offers organic products at a reduced price.

Smart Balance: Under this brand, the company offer nutritious food products for health conscious people. The products include yogurt, smoothies, multigrain breads and fat-free milk.

Products and Brands Available at Associated Supermarkets:
Find all your favorite brands at Associated Supermarkets such as Kellogg’s, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Clorox, Crisco, Kraft, Betty Crocker, Hunts, Swanson, Celli, Dole, and more.

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  1. Ted Kurihara August 10, 2015 at 8:10 pm - Reply

    Please do me the favor of forwarding this to your Art Directors.
    I have PUMPKIN / FALL stock photos that may be of use to your Advertising Department. The collection can be viewed at Getty Images at the following link.
    Thanks for looking.
    Ted Kurihara, Photographer

    • Paulo November 23, 2015 at 1:26 am - Reply

      I have seen Ted Kurihara’s work and he has my vote. You can’t go wrong with him.

  2. Nelson Almonte July 7, 2015 at 5:47 am - Reply

    I am interested in showing a project of a small supermarket that I intend to buy and I want to have the financial backing of his group.

  3. Cynthia September 30, 2014 at 10:00 am - Reply

    My complaint is I went into your associate a grocery market in a Astoria New York this evening Monday, September 29 at 9:30 PM and went to purchase a six pack probiotic drink that was listed as a $1.59 on the box they were tiny bottles so I assume that that was the correct price upon checking out they didn’t even notify me that they change the price and charged me $12 without explaining. I explained this to the manager who refused to give me his name, and when I asked the cashier register what her name was, the manager told her not to give her name to me so the whole experience is very unprofessional and kind of unbelievable the whole way it was handled. I tried to explain to them that that’s lots advertisement list products that clearly has the price on them, so the manager that was working this evening who refuse to give me his name went to the back took the tag off and took them all out single file and made her charge me the price instead of respecting what I said and honoring the fact that the price was on the box of a six pack clearly indicated and clearly false advertisement he was rude he was disrespectful he was arrogant. I’m not really sure how you have a Meza manager I guess maybe maybe it’s hard to find a manager with social skills but I suggest you find a new one. I want a full refunds at that price I have the receipt I have a picture of the receipt a picture of the id. I’m going to send that to you and I want to fully refunded at the price of $1.59 for six small probiotic drinks. I would appreciate someone calling me back I just seen my concern and my refund and hopefully apology from the manager with proper education that they should give their name so when someone tells me from corporate who the person was I dealt with I have knowledge I can’t give them any feedback if your staff refuses to give me their name especially a manager who calls himself a manager it’s very sad that he wasn’t educated enough I trained properly but the commonsense question what is your name obviously he didn’t want to give it because he knew he was wrong!!!

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