Atlantic Superstore

Atlantic Superstore is a chain of supermarkets operating in Nova Scotia, as well as in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. George Weston Ltd via Loblaw Companies Ltd. owns the supermarket chain.

Atlantic Superstore was founded in 1986, with its first store located in New Brunswick, in the area of Moncton. The store was owned and operated by Loblaw Companies, which entered the area of Atlantic Canada in 1976. It became possible for Loblaw to start a grocery chain when it acquired Atlantic Wholesalers, the company that owned a chain of SaveEasy stores.

Originally, the store’s name was “The Real Atlantic Store.” The name was shortened to Atlantic Superstore in 1995, and is still operating under that name. Along with the shortening of the store’s name was the “re-formatting” of the grocery store to become more of a market-style store. The majority of the SaveEasy stores in rural locations were eventually converted to superstores.

In the 1990s, Atlantic Superstore relocated its headquarters to Nova Scotia(Dartmouth) from Sackville. With this relocation, new warehouse facilities for logistics distribution were put-up. At the same time, the company also began a huge campaign for expansion. This campaign brought large-format stores and many centres in just a few years. There were plans to convert several Atlantic Superstores to “No-Frills” stores, depending on the demographics of the stores.

Currently, Atlantic Superstore is still owned by Loblaw Companies, through George Weston Ltd. The stores are still operated by Loblaws’ Atlantic Wholesalers division. Each of these stores is 45,000 square feet to 120,000 square feet in size. There are currently 54 Atlantic Superstores. Nineteen of these stores are located in New Brunswick, 30 stores in Nova Scotia and 4 stores located on Prince Edward Island.

Atlantic Superstore shares part of its name with sister store “Real Canadian Superstore.” However, despite the name sharing, there is a difference in the two sister stores. Atlantic Superstores do not necessarily have the hypermarket format; a considerable number of them just have large sizes, but with a minimal number of general merchandise. Other Atlantic Superstores have the “One-Stop” format and offer a wide range of goods. These goods include groceries, housewares, electronics and clothing. The One-Stop stores also offer services like a pharmacy and a photo-finishing lab.

Several larger Atlantic Superstores offer a drive-thru pharmacy, a liquor store, a community room, a gas bar and a tobacco shop. There are even stores that have walk-in clinics.

Headquarters: Dartmouth,Nova Scotia
Ownership Type: A subsidiary of George Weston Ltd.
Employees: Information not available
Geography:New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island (Canada)
Demography: Retail products consumers

Atlantic Superstore

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  1. Jean Carney April 9, 2015 at 9:56 am - Reply

    My husband and I are customers of the St. Stephen,N.B. superstore and the St. Andrews SaveEasy. We are disturbed by the recent move to pricing items at two for a certain price or considerably more than half the price for one. We understand the motive, which is obviously to increase sales but are concerned about the effect on those customers who live on a limited income, those who live alone and families of two persons.
    In our own case, we live just across the border from Calais, Maine, where the I.G.A., in most cases, offers better pricing, especially for produce and poultry, even taking the current exchange rate into consideration. Consequently, if this method of increasing sales continues, that is where we will be doing most of our future shopping

  2. Aliyyah Nasir September 2, 2014 at 1:18 am - Reply

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    Could you please confirm if i can place an order with you for few of your products, i am located in KUWAIT, and i know the difficulties encountered shipping internationally. I have a reliable courier company am registered with, they pick up and deliver anywhere in the world, they handle all the pick up and delivery arrangements so shipment shouldn’t be an issue. I can make full payment to you once you confirm my purchase order with an invoice/quotation and payment would be from my US Visa/Mc credit card. Kindly let me know when you are in office and ready to take my purchase order

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  3. Larry Fredericks July 27, 2013 at 4:24 pm - Reply

    I am a resident of Windsor N.S. Recently we have noticed that the organic section seems to be shutting down at the Windsor Superstore. This development is most unfortunate and regressive. The trend is definitely more toward safer organic food. And, locally grown and produced food as the cost of truck transportation increase as it surely will. I and my wife wil not be shopping at this Windsor superstore in the future if organ products are not available.

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