Bendicks is a British confectioner company that produces premium chocolate products. The company has the distinction of having received the Royal Warrant, a most coveted award.


Bendicks’ story began in 1930, when Col.‘Bertie’ Dickson and Mr. Oscar Benson decided to buy a small confectionery company located in the area of Kensington, London. The two founders decided to combine their names and came up with ‘Bendicks’ for a company name.

The company’s defining moment was in 1931, with the creation of Bittermint. The Bittermint candy was the creation of Lucia Benson, Oscar Benson’s sister-in-law, who devised a new chocolate recipe that incorporated mint. This became what is now popularly known as Bendicks Bittermint.

The Bittermint that Lucia created consisted of a very strong mint fondant encased in very dark chocolate (made almost entirely from cocoa solids). This combination resulted in a delicious chocolate treat, which became an instant hit when sold by Bendicks. Currently, all of Bendicks’ bitter chocolate products have been created following Lucia’s approach to the development of a new recipe, which is finding contrasting flavors that are complementary and use only the most premium ingredients available.

By 1933, the company had already developed a reputation that was enviable. Bendicks became known for the excellent quality of its confectioner products and not long after, opened a new store in Mayfair, London. Bendicks’ products were patronized by England’s rich, fashionable and beautiful including King George V’s son, who was also Duke of Kent at the time and a loyal fan of the Bittermints.

In 1962, Bendicks received wide recognition when it was awarded the Royal Warrant. This gold royal warrant can be seen on all of Bendicks’ unique packaging. After the Bittermints, Bendicks continued to develop new recipes and introduced those in the market. Among the company’s chocolate products are Bittergingers™ and Bitteroranges™.

For more than 75 years, Bendicks has continued to create fine chocolates for consumers in the country. The company still sources its own ingredients, develops its own recipes and makes its own products. The people working at Bendicks are still, and have always been, dedicated to pursuing the perfection of dark chocolate.

Headquarters: Winchester, UK
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: information not available
Geography: U.K.
Demography: chocolate confectioner consumers



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