Bessant and Drury’s Fine Ice Cream Co. is a British maker of premium ice creams. The company has its head office in London, England.

Bessant and Drury’s was created by Ian Drury and Steve Bessant. The two founders always shared a passion for delicious produce and health. Steve Bessant has also been considered one of the country’s fitness and health experts, and thus was continuously giving clients advice about what to do regarding food intolerance.

Steve Bessant does not promote dairy on his menu and instead advises clients to eat healthy foods and incorporating coconut milk. Before founding the company, Bessant did a number of experiments with ingredients and recipes, ones that would suit all kinds of consumers, regardless of whether they were intolerant of dairy products. His experiments eventually led him to create a tasty and healthy ice cream that makes use of coconut milk as the key ingredient instead of the usual dairy product.

Ian Drury, on the other hand, has had years of experience in the business industry. His 40 years of experience in business led him to search the world for fine wines and food. Drury’s vast experience has taught him to accept only products that are of the very best quality.

Bessant and Drury partnered up and agreed on putting up a company that would offer the UK market fine quality ice cream that is not only unique and tasty, but also one that offers a healthy alternative. When Bessant and Drury’s started to operate, they offered four varieties of diary-free ice cream to the UK market. These varieties are what have been described by consumers as delicious, sophisticated and suitable for all kinds of consumers, with its high fibre content and dairy-free ingredients. The company’s four varieties are vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and lemon. The company continues to create more delicious flavours to offer consumers. It has also started to sell its products in mini tubs and is currently doing sampling programmes, which started in July of 2011. The sampling programmes will happen in London, as well as at key events for the duration of the summer.

Headquarters: London, England
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: information not available
Geography: UK
Demography: ice cream consumers

Bessant and Drury’s

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