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Big Y StoresBig Y Foods Incorporated, also known as Big Y World Class Market or Big Y Supermarkets, is located in the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut. It is still family owned and run by cousins Charles and Donald D’Amour.

Big Y began inauspiciously as Y Cash in December of 1936, in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Paul D’Amour, who worked for Wonder Bread as a salesman, along with his siblings, Gerald, Ann Marie, Yvette, and Gertrude, purchased the “Y Cash Market.” It was named this because of it’s location at the apex of a forked road which formed a “Y.” It was later renamed Big Y Foods, Incorporated.

Just before the start of World War II in 1940, the business had grown twenty fold and had expanded three times it’s original size of 900 square feet. In 1947 the end of the war brought such a post-war boom, the D’Amour brothers decided to open another store in what used to be a bowling alley. They also incorporated the same year. Always taking initiative, the brothers made sure that Big Y Foods kept pace with new innovations in the retail food industry: things such as frozen food preparation and new packaging advances that were revolutionizing how America bought and prepared food.

From its humble beginnings, Big Y Foods has grown into one of the largest grocery chain in the Massachusetts region, which is privately owned. More than half of the stores owned by Big Y Foods are the Big Y World Class Markets rivals some of the big, mass-market stores in the food and service industry. Among the many services Big Y Foods provides are bakeries, floral shops, and delis, with some stores even offering banking, photo processing, baby sitting, dry cleaning services and the sale of propane. Even today, Big Y Foods, Incorporated, still is owned by the D’Amour family which inherited Big Y Foods from the founders.

Because of its adaptability and innovative ideals, Big Y Foods has been able to broaden its base to 58 conventional, two specialty, and two stand-alone drug stores. They employ over 9,200 people, have donated food worth over $4,500,000, and awarded scholarships totaling $250,000 to more than 300 students. Big Y Foods is also sponsors Thomas R. Flanagan Memorial Grants and the Connecticut Association of Schools Governor’s Scholars Program for schools. You can see that Big Y Foods Incorporated still lives by their motto: “Only the best for your family… from ours.”

Headquarters: Springfield, Massachusetts
Number of Stores: 58 conventional stores, 2 specialty stores and 2 stand-alone drug stores
Annual Revenue: $1.5 billion estimated
Number of Employees: 9,200
Geography: Massachusetts and Connecticut
Special Services: Little Y Kids Club®, Homework Helpline®, Scholarships, Save on Pet Care, Big Y Dental Plans

Big Y Supermarket
Big Y World Class Markets

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  1. Bill Rossetti Sr July 11, 2016 at 9:55 pm - Reply

    My wife and I are frequent shoppers at Big Y stores. We have over forty coins left from our shopping over time. I was told today, that these coins are now worthless. This is a terrific reward for shopping at your stores for years We earned these coins by spending our hard eared money and now your policy has changed. I guess I will find a new shopping policy as well.

  2. Paul folert March 21, 2016 at 9:12 pm - Reply

    Shits more expensive then dog shit

  3. Ray Poirier October 6, 2015 at 9:32 am - Reply

    Last Friday, Oct. 2nd. I went to our Plainfield store to pick up a few items. As I walked in, I slipped on the floor but caught myself from falling. My shoe sole was wet. I purchased a box of Turkey Hill ice cream which was, “Buy one and get two free.” Being the only one in my house I bought only one, thinking that the $5.99 price would be less for one. After getting out, I looks at my receipt and noticed that I was charged the full price for one . I went back in to get my other two and again I slipped and this time went down. I got up and two of your employees saw me and asked if I was o.k.. I told them I thought I was; nothing seemed to hurt. I proceeded to customer service and told them that I had fallen but thought I was o.k. but asked that she record it for the record. She then called a gentleman who took my name and phone number . This happened about 7:20 PM. Around 10:00, my hip and back started to hurt. Next morning, Saturday, I hardly get could out of bed. I was hurting so bad that I decided to go to the local emergency room. They xrayed my back and right hip and found nothing broken or cracked. The doctor told me to apply ice packs and take Aleve. By Sunday, the pain was much less and now I have only a little residual pain. The reason I am sending you this email is that you need to do something about that floor before someone falls and breaks a bone. I am 79 and very lucky that I didn’t. Also, the lack of compassion from you manager; I never got a call inquiring if I was o.k.

  4. Louise dankner January 6, 2013 at 5:02 pm - Reply

    I bought peeled garlic yesterday at your store in Pittsfield I couldn’t believe it comes from China. I would have returned it but didn’t have the chance to, so it went into the garbage. Goodbye $3.49! I don’t trust food from China and avoid it when there is an option.
    Louise Dankner

  5. Jean Sforza January 28, 2012 at 12:45 pm - Reply

    please carry Febreze Pet odor airosol and pump spray…….

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