chickenThe year 2013 has seen a rise in the number of novel and upcoming restaurants with new openings and recipes. Here are some of the highlights so far this year.

A Focus on the Bird

The burger saturation point has been hit by most chefs. Currently, a majority have turned to chicken as the new favorite recipe. This is a versatile protein source that is preferred by many. A typical chicken specialty served in restaurants in cities such as Atlanta, is crisp-skinned rotisserie chicken served with sauces such as Dominican-style wasakaka. Fried chicken-sandwiches with special flavors are also restaurants’ favorite.

Rookie Italophiles

Some of the food entrepreneurs and top chefs in the country (U.S.) have become Italian experts. For example, Ava Gene’s in Atlanta is a new restaurant owned by Duane Sorenson, the founder of Stumptown Coffee. The restaurant is Roman-focused with a menu that includes bitter-green salad topped with melted cheese. Sorenson has reported on his plans to open another spot called Roman Candle in the spring. This new restaurant will serve specialties such as pizza Biancas without sauce.

Seafood Americana Trend

Another trend worth noting is that of restaurants focusing on seafood specialties from specific geographical regions. Connie & Ted’s is a new restaurant opened by Chef Michael Cimarusti, who is famous for providing luxurious seafood at Providence. Ed’s Portugal Fish Stew is one of the special dishes that are served at Connie & Ted’s.

Leftovers as the Best New Ingredients

A trend adopted by some restaurants is the use of leftovers as key ingredients or as an integral part of the menu. For example, Empellon Cocina restaurant in Manhattan serves masa crisps as snacks; when such crisps break into small piece they become masa crumbs, perfect for a streusel for salad.