The finalization of the sale of former Cleveland Elementary School to Bottom Dollar Foods Northeast is soon to be concluded by the City Board of Control of Youngstown, Ohio. Bottom Dollar is buying the property as it has plans of putting up an 18,000 sq. ft. grocery store in the city. It is one of two stores that the grocery chain is planning to put up in the city.

On Thursday, the City Council voted to approve the sale of the site, which is about 5.1 acres and is located in the Fosterville section, specifically at Glenwood and West Princeton Avenues.

Bottom Dollar has proposed to put up a full-service grocery store which will include a deli and a bakery. The grocery chain offers that the proposed full-service grocery store will offer a wide variety of products and brands available for consumers to have a number of choices, rather than just settle for one brand.

According to Councilman Paul Drennen, the opening of a full-service grocery store in the area is very important because the neighborhood currently only has corner stores. Residents in the neighborhood do not have the option to shop at healthy food shops as there are none currently. Drennen also added that he expects complimentary retailers to be drawn to the new grocery store.

Construction is expected to start after a few weeks and is anticipated to have its opening by November. Meanwhile, work has already started on the other new Bottom Dollar grocery store, the one over at East Middleton Blvd. Aside from the former elementary school, Bottom Dollar has also taken over a playground nearby and plans to put up a new neighborhood playground and park in it.