Buehlers Fresh FoodsBuehler’s, or Buehler’s Fresh Foods, is a chain of grocery stores that aims to offer an excellent shopping experience to its valued customers. The stores’ “Reduced Pricelist” for nonprofit groups makes it a distinctive business from its competitors. Currently, the business is being run by a combination of the third and fourth generations of the Buehler Family.

In 1929, Buehler’s opened its first store in New Philadelphia, Ohio, USA. It then opened its second grocery store in Wooster, Ohio.

Over the years, Buehler’s continued to improve and in the process established a solid customer base. The company purchased its first delivery truck in 1934 and received its first order of frozen foods in 1936. In 1947, Buehler’s underwent a change in its operations, allowing the customers to serve themselves when shopping in their stores. In 1979, the first Buehler’s in-store pharmacy opened at Medina Forest Meadows and in 1994, the company introduced Buehler’s Advantage Card to its costumers.

In terms of expansion, Buehler’s has slowly but steadily built its stores in different parts of Ohio. It opened its third branch in Dover in 1944. Another branch opened in Orrville in 1959. In 1964, the first Medina Buhler’s store was opened. By 1968 to 1969, Coshocton and Delaware Buehler’s branches were opened. Buehler’s Wadsworth opened in 1976. From 1980 until 2007, several Buehler’s stores continued to be built and operated in the areas of Wooster Milltown, Medina River Styx, New Philly, Ashland and Brunswick.

The year 1995 marked the opening of Buehler’s Ace Hardware in Orrville, Ohio. Another branch of Ace Hardware then opened in Dover. Two more branches of Buehler’s Ace Hardware opened in Delaware and Medina River Styx in the years 2006 and 2007 respectively.

From the time that the company started, Buehler’s has been supporting the local economy of Ohio. It has also been a major contributor in terms of the state’s local employment. Buehler’s has become a large supporter of Ohio’s farmers’ by buying from select growers who offer the best available produce. The company continues to operate in a manner that is environmentally responsible in order to sponsor sustainability in areas where they have stores. Currently there are 13 Buehler’s grocery stores in various areas of Ohio.

Headquarters: Wooster, Ohio
Company type: Private
No. of Stores: 13
Annual revenue: undisclosed
Number of employees: not known
Geography: Ohio
Demography: value shoppers of Ohio
Special Services: grocery, flower shop, hardware, pharmacy, restaurant, pet shop, event planning, Just For Kids

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  1. Kathy Bettridge May 30, 2013 at 9:00 am - Reply

    Please consider opening a Buehler’s Grocery and Hardware Store in Avon Lake, Ohio!

    We have a vacant Top’s Supermarket at Avon Lake Towne Center, right in the heart of the city, that is waiting for the right grocery. Our City office is constantly being asked why we haven’t approached Buehler’s to come into our market.

    Please consider the possibilities. With middle to upper middle class demographics in Avon Lake and surrounding communities, the opportunity exists for Buehler’s to capture this market.

    Please take another look!

  2. Judy Vaughn July 13, 2011 at 7:29 am - Reply

    Hi: I wrote before about my displeasure with your downtown store in Wooster. I felt that it was being treated as a second class store, and that sales items offered at the Milltown store were not honored at the downtown location, and that was terrible. You said you would have some new things offered come the first of 2011. Well, I haven't seen much difference, so I now shop at Walmart. I was a loyal shopper for 30+ years, but am no more. I think it's shameful; how the downtown store isn't important to you any more. Evidently, your hometown roots aren't important either.


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