California Dairies, Inc

California Dairies, Incorporated is a cooperative that is primarily engaged in dairy processing.  While the cooperative’s main product is butter, it also produces several other varieties of dairy products. The company’s headquarters are in California, USA.

California Dairies, Inc. was formed as a result of a merger between three of California’s major cooperatives: Danish Creamery, San Joaquin Valley Dairymen and California Milk Producers. The merger was completed in 1999, thus the birth of California Dairies. This cooperative was involved in the processing, as well as the marketing, of its dairy products.

With three dairy cooperatives combined, the traditions brought by each cooperative have been combined to make California Dairies what it is today. Currently, the cooperative is part owned by about 470 dairymen, all of whom are based in California. Every year, California Dairies ships over 17 billion pounds of milk, making it the second biggest dairy cooperative in the country. Aside from distributing its products all over the United States, the cooperative has also been able to expand its operations to other countries in the world.

With these achievements, California Dairies also prides itself with being able to deliver service to its customers quickly. The cooperative makes sure that it is always in constant communication with its customers, in order to address their needs, however big or small. A continuing goal of the company is to be considered as one of the major companies that export value-added products to international and domestic customers.

California Dairies has facilities located all throughout the state of California: in Artesia (bulk fluid and condensing facility); Tipton (one of the country’s largest facilities); Visalia (contains the biggest single evaporator-dryer in the country); Fresno (includes a number of butter churning lines, printing lines and dryers); Los Banos (processing for cheddar cheese and condensed product) and Turlock (includes equipment for powder production). The cooperative produces its custom-made dairy products in these facilities. In order to maximize its milk reception and transportation savings, the cooperative’s facilities are located strategically.

Currently, California Dairies produces 43% of the state’s milk, equivalent to it producing 9% of the country’s milk. The cooperative has been distributing its products to all fifty states of the country, as well as in 52 other countries in the world.

Headquarters: Visalia, California
Ownership Type: Cooperative
No. of Employees: information not available
Geography: worldwide
Demography: dairy product consumers

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