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Chief Supermarkets OHChief Supermarkets is a supermarket chain that operates in the state of Ohio in America. They sell an array of products including meat, juice, fresh produce and soft drinks.

The company was founded by two brothers, Ted Hench and Karl Hench, who went into business with John Nolan Junior. These three men had grown up in the food retail industry with the Hench brothers being owners of Hench’s Meat Market. Their business partner, John Nolan, was the manager of Nolan’s Grocery store. They decided to come together to pool their expertise into one venture that they hoped to be profitable for them.

The first Chief Supermarket was opened in 1951 at the following at 511 Perry Street, Defiance, Ohio, America. There first day of trading was a huge success with a staggering footfall of 8200 people in less than 5 hours. The trio hoped that this degree of trade would continue as it would make for a very successful business.

The standards of the company have not changed from that day; back when they opened they wanted a modern, clean store, good customer service and high quality products. This is the same position that they stand at today, however this does not mean that the company has not changed and developed over time. They currently offer a pharmacy service and raising money in the local community. The main cause is the Good Neighbor and Community Cash Program, which is a project run by the supermarket that gives donations to local organizations. The donations come from a percent of each sale that goes through the tills.

From the point of their first opening to the present day, several shops have been opened across the west side of Ohio. The main change from 1951 to the present day is the ownership of the company: the three founders have now retired and the company has been left in the hands of Ted Hench’s son, Eric.

The company’s customer service team can be contacted online; alternatively you can contact your local store directly via post, going in store or by phone. Other important statistics about the company can be found listed below.
Headquarters: N/A
Ownership: N/A
Public / Private: Private
Mergers: N/A
Number of Stores: N/A
Number of Employees: N/A
Annual Revenue: N/A
Geography: Ohio, America
Demographic: Value Shopper
Special Services: Pharmacy

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Value Pack
Deli Fresh
Family Pack
Bakery Fresh
USDA Choice
Minute Maid

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