ConAgra Foods Inc.

conagraConAgra Foods is a worldwide food processing company is engaged in the production of both Commercial and Consumer Foods. The company is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.


In 1919, Alva Kinney and Frank Little founded ConAgra Foods by merging 4 grain mills. The company was initially named Nebraska Consolidated Mills and had its headquarters in Grand Island, relocating to Omaha in 1922.

In 1940, the company began engaging in the production of flour. Two years later, it entered into feed production for livestock. In 1951, Nebraska Consolidated provided the funds for Duncan Hines in order to increase the sales of flour through cake mixes. This partnership with Duncan Hines became very successful, so successful in fact that it lead to ConAgra (still Nebraska Consolidated) being considered as the third biggest flour mill in the country.  In 1956, Nebraska Consolidated sold its shares in Duncan Hines to the giant company Procter and Gamble.

In 1971, Nebraska Consolidated Mills became ConAgra, a combination of consolidated (‘Con’) and agriculture(‘Agra’). For two decades, ConAgra focused on acquiring a number of businesses, starting with Banquet Foods in 1980. In 1993, the company bought smaller firms worth $500 Million. Five years after, the company brought Nabisco brands worth $480 million.

Currently, ConAgra Foods is a Fortune 500 companies and is considered one of the country’s leading food processing companies. In fact, about 97 percent of households in the United States use ConAgra’s products. Twenty-five of the company’s brands are considered to be either number one or number two in its respective categories. As proof of how big the company’s operation really is, it currently sells 13 million packs of food products everyday.

Since its foundation, ConAgra Foods has also been presented with a number of recognitions and awards. Among these awards include Best New Product for its Hunt’s® Ketchup in 2011, Marketer of the Year (top 12) Award in 2009, Hall of Famer (Shopper Marketing) Award in 2010, Worldstar Award (an award given to the company for promoting sustainable packaging) in 2008 and the award for Diversity in Leadership in 2011.

•    Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska
•    Ownership Type: Public
•    No. of Employees:  24,400
•    Geography: Worldwide
•    Demography:    commercial product consumers

Peter Pan®, Snack Pack®, Egg Beaters®, Hebrew National®, Reddiwip®, Swiss Miss®, Healthy Choice®, LaChoy®, Slim Jim®, Hunt’s®, Pure Wesson®, Banquet®, PAM®, Kid Cuisine®,

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