Consumers of Natural and Organic Foods Based on Market Research

IRI logoIRI, a respected Chicago-based consumer researcher teamed up with research from SPINS (natural and specialty products researcher) to categorize natural and organic products’ shoppers. They came up with a number of shopper categories. According to a survey conducted on the United States population on October 2013, fifty percent of all organic and natural product sales are accounted for by two shopper segments. These segments are the “Enlightened Environmentalists” and “True Believers”. True believers are those who hold a strong stance or belief of the health benefits that can be achieved by consuming natural products. Such people earn an average salary of $65, 000 and are college graduates. Enlightened environmentalists are those people that are keen on conserving the environment.

Within those categories are the healthy realists. These are shoppers whose major priority is being fit and healthy. Therefore, they tend to exercise a lot. More often than not, such shoppers like trying something new. Strapped seekers, is another segment of shoppers. These are shoppers who not only like trying new things and living a healthy lifestyle, but they are also aware of the need to make healthier choices. Indifferent traditionalists are the shoppers who lead a simple life with only a few passions. Although these people may try healthier options, they do not view themselves as mediators of change. Another category of shoppers is that of struggling switchers. These are shoppers whose main focus is to stay within their salary or budgets. Although such shoppers have been affected by the recession, they are aware of the need to eat healthier and exercise more. The final category is resistant non-believers. These are shoppers with the least desire to try new things or other options. They are extremely loyal to the brands and products that they know.


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