BrokencoconutCoconut is one of the key ingredients used in Indian cuisine and several other foods. However, the use of coconut oil has raised a controversy because it is believed to be saturated fat. For this reason, proponents and opponents of coconut oil have emerged. Proponents of coconut oil have cited a number of health benefits including enhanced longevity among populations that consume large quantities of such oil.

Other Health Benefits Cited

Nutritionists have asserted that coconut is an excellent food item for people diagnosed with hypertension. This is because of its low sodium content and high potassium level. In addition, coconut has a high fiber content, which implies that a small amount can make one full for a long time and minimize hunger pangs.

Opponents of Coconut Oil

Despite the benefits cited by proponents of coconut oil, the Food and Drug Administration is against the use of coconut oil. Consumers have therefore been informed to avoid the oil because it is a form of saturated fat. The American Medical Association has also agreed that saturated fat should be consumed in limited quantities. The evidence that has been presented in favor of coconut oil has not yet met the recommendation standards for the Food and Drug Administration. According to the FDA, the studies concerned have not been extensive enough or sufficiently controlled to be conclusive.

It can be concluded that although proponents of coconut oil have cited a number of benefits that can be realized by using coconut, too much usage is not advisable. Overindulgence can result in elevated lipid levels in blood and excessive weight gain. Only a reasonable amount should be consumed.