10-0094In September, National Union of Students (NUS) and Cooperative Food launched a partnership in which students having a NUS extra card are to be given 10 percent discount on food items. There are more than 3,500 Cooperative food stores operating in the United Kingdom. It was the first time for a supermarket to implement such a deal exclusively to students. It was announced that the discount was to be available starting September 23. A key requirement was for students to have a valid NUS extra card to claim the discount.

Cooperative Group is one of the largest mutual businesses in the United Kingdom, and is owned by about 8 million members. The group is a community retailer that has at least one store in each postal area. The stores not only champion for fair trade, but they also have food policies that are ethical. The move came at a perfect time. With increasing costs, the deal will help students to thrive at colleges and universities since a better deal will be created for the products bought on a daily basis. Students often encounter intense financial stress while studying. This forces them to be savvier when shopping for food. The deal will therefore help students living far away from home to not only live, but also cook within a specified budget.

According to the head of commercial grocery at Cooperative Food, CJ Antal Smith, the cooperative is ideal, especially for students who pick up food on their way from or to lectures. A 20 percent discount, coupled with NUS will serve as a huge incentive for students, especially in making healthy food choices.