There is no doubt that coupons have been a significant help to America’s consumers. At a time when food prices are getting to be more and more expensive, coupons have come in very handy in putting food on the table three times in a day.

Thus, it is no surprise that budget-conscious consumers are also becoming ardent patrons of coupons. Extreme couponers have found a number of ways to collect hundreds of these coupons, even going to the extent of diving in dumpsters just to salvage coupons thrown in the garbage. Although a bit extreme, this effort is still be considered admirable.

What is not considered praiseworthy however is that some extreme couponers have resorted to illegal means in collecting their coupons. Pilfering of coupon inserts in Sunday newspapers is becoming rampant, along with the increasing popularity of coupon clipping. Coupon pilfering is just another form of theft, which is definitely considered illegal. Thus, extreme couponers who are pilfering coupon inserts from Sunday newspapers are actually committing a crime, however small this offense they think it might be.

Coupon pilfering actually affects a lot of people. Newspaper stand owners, publishers, manufacturing companies, and of course other consumers, are negatively affected by people who steal the coupon inserts from these newspapers. This leaves nothing for other consumers who wish to buy the newspapers for the coupon inserts that come with it. In the end, these ‘coupon thieves’ deprive other couponers of the opportunity to get big savings on their groceries. They also deprive newspaper business owners of a big part of their earnings. With no coupon inserts in a newspaper, a potential buyer will change their mind and not buy the paper.