DeMoulas’ Market Basket

market-basketResidents of the Northeastern United States know that DeMoulas’ Market Basket is the best family-owned one stop grocery shop in the area. DeMoulas’ Market Basket provides a range of supermarket options in each store ranging from baked goods, meat and fresh produce to health and beauty aides. DeMoulas has gone from being a local mom-and-pop shop to a major grocery retailer in the Northeast.


Sixteen years after the turn of the century, Athanasios and Efrosini Demoulas brought a grocery store to Massachusetts that offered a Greek Specialty, fresh lamb. Forty years later, Demoulas sold their store to two of their six children. The Demoulas brothers had a new vision for the store, taking it from a local family grocer to an up and coming supermarket. The company struggled for several years during a family feud that was spurred by defrauding of one brothers family inheritance after his death by the remaining living owner. A judge settled the feud in 1994, turning over 51% of the company from Mike Demoulas to George Demoulas’ family. During the trial, the family almost lost hold of their legacy to Royal Ahold’s Stop and Shop.

The supermarket chain is still known at Demoulas, although today it operates under the name Market Basket. Throughout the almost century long history of the Demoulas Market Basket chain, only two stores were ever closed. One in New Hampshire and one in Massachusetts. Demoulas’ Market Basket opened three new stores in late 2013, one in Maine and two in Massachusetts. There are now 71 locations, spread out from Cape Cod, Massachusetts all the way to Maine, bordering along Vermont and Rhode Island.


Headquarters: Tewksbury, Massachusetts
No. of Locations: 71
No. of Employees: 18,000
Annual Revenue: $4 Billion (US)
Locations: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire

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  1. Russ July 23, 2014 at 3:10 pm - Reply

    people are resistant to negative change. everybody is on board with Arthur T

  2. patsy July 21, 2014 at 1:19 pm - Reply

    I have been a demoula’s shopper for as long as i remember. when gas was cheap i used to drive every week from lewiston to portsmouth to buy groceries. Last sunday i went to your biddeford maine location, and from the looks of it, we need more market baskets in maine. I could not get so much for my dollar, and although there was the strike over Arthur, I still could get most everything i needed. I spent 200 dollars and had 2 trolleys FULL of food. Try that at shaw’s, i’ve spent the same and it only filled one trolley, and shop and save is no better, neither is walmart. We need to have more in maine, you shoudl’ve seen how mobbed it was, us mainers know a good thing, that’s why you used to get so many maine checks in your portsmouth and seabrook stores, it was simply worth it. Surprisingly it used very little gas. I will be returning, but i’d like to see some of the items they have in portsmouth like nescafe clasico SUAVE , they don’t have it in biddeford, or waist watcher chocolate soda and the most important thing that kept me loyal to market basket but i was SO disappointed biddeford did not have them, and incidentally, i don’t really care what they cost sugar freee OREOS. Maybe if you see this letter you’ll have it next month, i know market basket in nh orders what their customers ask for, which makes them the best place you can go to, i’m sure maine does it too. remember nescafe clasico but the suave and the decaf would be nice even if it’s not suave, and sugar free oreos. If you could get waist watcher chocolate fudge soda, i would appreciate it, i have a feeling it’s a bottling thing, why they have it in nh and not in maine. Oh here’s a hint. Want people to flock to you? put a price sticker on EVERY ITEM like in NH i’d even pay more for the first one who does it in maine. No, not the scanners every 50 feet, but real stickers. You were and are able to do it in massachusettes, you can do it in maine. You know that would be the talk of the town. No more confusion. When i buy hundreds of dollarss of stuff i can’t remember what the price is with no sticker, i’m not autistic. I want to see a sticker at the register so i can see if there is no mistake. You have nothing to hide, so perhaps you should think about it. I’m not the only one who feels that way i see people complain at shaw’s all the time how they do it in mass but not in maine. When there is a sticker on the item, there is no arguement to how much it is. You run the best store. Strive for better. Go back to stickers and makes us ALL happy

  3. Arthur Bradbury January 1, 2014 at 2:01 pm - Reply

    I writing with reference to your store at the Lee, N.H. Traffic Circle.

    There is an air lock entry on the west entrance, and you badly need the same on the east entrance.

    Two reasons:

    1. You are being irresponsible owners employers by ignoring your cashiers who are extremely cold this time of year.

    2. $ & cents wise you are wasting huge amounts of money freezing the occupants of the store, and trying to warm up the Lee Traffic Circle – which isn’t going to happen. You are also wasting money on air conditioning in the summer. You would certainly pay for the expense of the new airlock in a few years in energy conservation. It also tells the customers you care about the environment, your people, and them the customer.

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