Duties of a Grocery Clerk

StaterBrosClerkOnsetFor many teenagers looking for a part time job, working in a grocery store could be an option as hours are not fixed and qualifications beyond a high school diploma are usually not necessary. A grocery clerk is involved in the managing of a store or a supermarket. Duties may vary on a daily basis.

One major duty for a grocery clerk is running the cash register while customers are buying their groceries. The clerk scans the goods, checking that the pricing is correct, and bags the purchases for the customers. After giving the customer his/her total, they accept the payment and give the customers correct change. Here, the grocery clerk is expected to serve the customers well and maintain the register.

A grocery clerk may also be called upon to maintain the store. In this case, they are referred to as store clerks. Responsibilities would include arranging the shelves so that they look presentable, stocking the shelves, as well as ensuring that all expired products are discarded. In addition, they are to make sure floors are clean and dry at all times of the day.

Clerks are also called upon to help customers with any difficulties that they may experience, as well as answer any questions that are raised. For instance, if the customer cannot locate a certain product, the clerk should be able to take him to the product’s location. In addition, when a customer inquires about the pricing of a product that is not labelled, the clerk should find out the pricing of the product.

In short, this job is about managing a store’s products, its cash, and ensuring that the customer is satisfied. It requires that one be committed in terms of showing up to work on time, as well as that they be sociable so as to deal with customers with all kinds of personalities.


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  1. Twyla Sawyer March 18, 2016 at 6:49 pm - Reply

    I’m starting my position as a grocery clerk tomorrow.And I must say that this was very helpful.

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