make-money-5Some companies have taken to crowd sourcing to generate a large workforce that would otherwise take a long time to amass. Major brands are turning to these companies to accomplish certain tasks, and the consumer can benefit from the battle of the brands. To a consumer, a spot on a supermarket shelf is probably very meaningless.  However, major brands are spending lots of money to find that ideal spot on the shelf.   The good news is that some of the money that these brands are pouring into on-the-spot advertising could actually go into your pocket. Get paid to shop!

The logistics and the amount of money required to be able to get information about which spot in the different stores are barely feasible. This is where the shoppers come in. While shopping, these companies ask shoppers to collect this vital information for them. Shoppers are assigned a mission (refers to the task that they are expected to carry out) which would involve going to a particular store, taking pictures of the products showing their shelf spot, as well as the pricing of these products, and sending this information back.  At the end, the shopper has earned an easy $5.

The convenience is that shoppers are assigned to stores in their neighborhood. The companies make use of apps to be able to determine  current location and assign a store. They also rely on the apps to collect the information data, as well as distribute payments through PayPal or any other online money transfer system. It is possible that one could carry out ten or more missions a day without breaking a sweat.  With an extra $50 in your pocket, shopping for groceries couldn’t get much better.