Etcetera is a British company that produces bottled spring water and markets it under the “etc” brand. The company is headquartered in London, UK.


Spring water from etcetera is a popular brand of bottled water in the United Kingdom. The company that produces this bottled water prides itself with being able to produce a “quintessentially English drinking water.”

Water that is bottled to become the “etc Spring Water” is sourced locally, specifically from a rock spring located in Devonshire in the Southwestern part of England. The spring’s hydrostatic pressure results to the water’s undiluted purity. This 100% pure water is then bottled immediately in order to maintain its freshness.

The etc Spring Water contains a balance of minerals and is not contaminated by artificial ingredients, nor has it undergone artificial processes. The natural aquifer where etcetera’s bottled spring water is sourced contains very little calcium, which creates a soft taste in the water. This bottled water contains very little sodium and thus will not leave an aftertaste, unlike a number of commercial bottled waters in the past. The bottled water’s pH does not go beyond 7.4.

The company uses PET plastic containers, as well as glass containers for the water’s packaging. Currently, etc Spring Water is available in plain and carbonated varieties. The company does not yet offer flavoured etc Spring Water. The spring water is available as “etc 750,” “etc 330,” “etc Premium” and “etc 500.” Some of the brand’s established customers include London’s The Landmark and THE IVY.

Quality has always been high on the company’s list when it comes to its bottled Spring Water. The company strives to provide its customers with excellent quality spring water at the most reasonable price. The company also makes huge efforts in order to ensure that Mother Nature does not suffer from the company’s processes. This is etcetera’s way of fulfilling its commitment to environmental sustainability.

The company is proud to claim that etc Spring Water is one of the purest bottled waters in the market today. This bottled water is available from a number of distributors, such as Aqua Amore. The etc brand of bottled spring water can also be found in a number of high-street retailers, restaurants and hotels.

Headquarters: London,UK
Ownership Type: private
Employees: information not available
Geography: UK
Demography: spring water drinkers, foodservice operators

etc Spring Water

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