Almost all extreme couponers maximize the use of their coupons by matching it with items that are already on sale. In that way, they are able to buy items at its lowest price possible when it would normally be considered relatively expensive at its full retail price.

Websites such as offer consumer tips, especially to prospective couponers, on how to do coupon match-ups to get the most out of their money. As the website points out, most people usually make a list of what they need to buy at the grocery. This grocery list only equates to listing down those grocery items that are not on sale and buying them.

According to the website, most grocery items are on sale every six weeks. This is important to remember as it would help to take note of what items will go on sale every week. These ‘on sale’ items, coupled with coupons, can then be purchased at the lowest possible price. For instance, if a box of cereal, regularly priced at $4 goes on sale for $2.75, you can lower its price even more with coupon matching. If you have a manufacturer’s coupon for $1 off and your grocery store doubles coupons, then you can use the coupons to buy the cereal for only $0.75, slashing off $4 from its original price and saving you more than 80% from that product alone.

Another tip from is to keep updated on grocery stores’ coupon policies, as grocery store companies change it from to time. Also, you can browse online for websites that offer a lot of coupons, whether printable ones or e-coupons that can be saved on your grocery store loyalty card.