Extreme Couponing Features Expert Couponer Dad

Extreme Couponing’s June 8 episode featured New Yorker dad, Scott Boudin, a father of two kids and an expert when it comes to couponing.

Unlike other extreme couponers who have been featured on the show, Scott’s home does not show any evidence that he uses a lot of coupons to pay for his groceries. No stacks of detergents, tuna cans or other grocery items can be seen looming in the corners of their house or under the bed. No stacks of Sunday newspapers and inserts can be seen scattered on the tables. Although Scott has a stockpile of goods which he keeps in the basement, what he has is relatively modest when compared to other couponers’ stockpiles who have been featured on the show.

According to Scott, the reason why his stockpile does not overflow with grocery items is because he only chooses to buy what the family needs and what they actually use. What he does have in his stockpile he almost always gets for free with the use of coupon match ups. For instance, Scott shows how he got eight bottles of baby formula for free when it would have originally cost $8 a bottle at full price. Other items in Scott’s stockpile include 2,500 diapers, paper towels (about 150 rolls) and toilet paper (about 400 rolls). These items will all be used up as Scott and his wife, Amy, have two kids, a 3-year old and a newborn baby.

Scott has been coupon clipping ever since he was 18-years old and so it is no wonder that he has become so good at it without being overly extreme in his couponing.

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