Food poisoning has become a common thing in the world. Despite being a common occurrence, it seems that people have not yet discovered a way to avoid it or even get rid of it. Recently, there was a report of food poisoning at Claremont McKenna College in California. It was reported that about twenty students fell ill over the weekend. This story was covered by the CMC forum. It was reported that the students complained of stomach pain and vomiting. At first, it was thought to be alcohol related, but that idea was discounted after further investigation. This case was particularly serious as some of the students required treatment on Sunday morning. One of the resident assistants reported to the forum that the bug struck the students on Saturday night and two of them were rushed to the hospital.

It was also discovered that residents from other dorms including Boswell, Berger and Marks also got sick around the same time. After further looking into the matter, it was discovered that all of the students had an avocado chicken sandwich in the Collins dining hall. However, they did not determine the exact source of the food poisoning. This is one of the many cases of food poisoning that are experienced today. There are other cases that even result in death and it is scary how, despite of all the stories that go around about food poisoning, they are ignored.

The new food-testing lab may be a start in the war fighting against widespread food poisoning. There is need to find various methods to reduce food poisoning around the world. Maybe then, the cases of this drastic illness will be reduced and such cases as the one at Claremont McKenna will be outdated.