Every day cases of food poisoning reach medical facilities with incumbent reasons of improper storage of food in the homes. People die everyday.

Food poisoning is an issue that starts farther than thought. It does not start from your freezer or in your storage facility. Food poisoning can be as a result of improper storage practices by the grocery or by the consumer. When we run into the grocery and place a bunch of shopping items inside in a shopping cart, food poisoning is kicked off. Say, for example you have bought deli and tucked it with a pack of onions in the cart. That’s food poisoning. Carts are handled by many people. Other shoppers shopping different items use the same carts. You will be transferring a colony of germs when you start crunching on your deli. This could cause food poisoning unless the grocery store staff cleans the cart often.

Cleaning hands immediately after shopping is an essential activity to fight food poisoning. All the bags and packs covering your items have been held before by many hands that carried all types of germs.

Tucking your shopping inside the trunk will be a close-call, and you sure don’t want the dirt in the trunk to be part of your diet. While at home, the way you store your food matters. Vegetables are stored differently from other hard foods. Deli are stored away from moisture producing products and eaten as soon as possible to avoid spoilage.

When planning to shop, don’t forget to wash re-usable bags with detergent and spray them with antibacterial spray. This will do a great deal to get rid of salmonella that are a great risk in spoilage, hence poisoning.