Food Safety Group Taps GMA Veteran

GFSIThe Global Food Safety Initiative based in France (GFSI) recently announced that it has named Karil Kochenderfer to be their representative in the United States. Ms. Kochenderefer comes from the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) where she was the director of environment and new technologies and oversaw the creation of GMA’s international program.

Her new duties will involve enhancing the awareness of global food-safety awareness programs among the various executives in the food industry in the North American region. Ms. Kochenderfer will also be responsible for monitoring the development of the grocery industry in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Latin America.

The GFSI was started back in 2000 with the aim of spearheading food safety campaigns around the world. This has been brought about by the need for improved food safety measured by various food consumers and producers around the world. With the emergence of many diseases, there has been increased consciousness regarding the quality and type of food people put on their table.

GFSI is controlled and managed by the Consumer Goods Forum International that is based in France. Consumer Foods Forum is made up of a group of retailers and suppliers all with a common goal.

The Chairman of GFSI, Yves Rays, says that it was necessary to appoint Ms. Kochenderfer to overlook the North America market because it is a big step in ensuring that they are able to assert their presence in the region. Ms. Kochenderfer will be able to act as a contact person for the company. The move has also been seen by the industry as a way of ensuring that the company is able to keep in touch and strengthen their connection with the many regulatory developments that are being undertaken in the region. This is sure to help strengthen the mission of the company.


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