Fresh Groceries for Spring

collardgreensWith spring around the corner, it means that the demand for seasonal fresh fruits and veggies is going to shoot up. These are some of the favorite products that are likely to be popping up this season. Look out for these in your nearest grocery stores and you are likely to get a good deal.


This is a cruciferous vegetable similar to collards and broccoli. The vegetable has been proven to contain about four times the vitamin A, C, and K content as that in iceberg lettuce. Arugula has also been proven to be rich in beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and lutein. These have been proven to play a big role in the prevention of diseases such as cancer and molecular degradation. Arugula has a peppery taste and can be a great addition to your salad. You can also add it to sandwiches and pasta salad.


Rhubarb is very rich in fiber. Fiber has been proven to be very good for digestion. Rhubarb is also rich in potassium, which helps in providing a balance in the minerals, electrolytes and vitamin C in the body. It also contains catechins, which are flavones that help in maintaining a healthy heart and blood circulation. Rhubarb is usually cooked and it makes an excellent dessert.

Collard Greens

These have thick, large, and dark green leaves that branch from the central thick stem. They have a mild flavor, but they need to be cooked for longer than most greens because of their rough texture. Researchers say that when they are chewed, they produce compounds that help in activating the detoxifying enzymes in the body. These enzymes neutralize radicals that help in reducing the risks of breast, colon, ovarian and other cancers.




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