New York-based Shata Trading, Incorporated is recalling its Golden Raisins product under the brand Three Rivers. The products contain undeclared sulfites, which is the reason for the recall.

The problem was discovered after results of a routine sampling done by the state’s Agriculture Department and Market Inspectors showed the presence of sulfites which are not indicated on the product labels. The recall was immediately initiated after discovery of the undeclared sulfites.

The affected golden raisins are a product of the United States and have not been imported from another country. The recalled product is packed and sold in un-coded, transparent plastic bags. Each bag weighs 400 grams. The affected product has been distributed to retail establishments in different parts of New York.

Sulfites are undesirable compounds in food because of its potentially harmful effect to the body. Even if a person takes in only 10 milligrams of this compound, it can bring about severe reactions, especially in people who have asthma. Sulfites particularly affect the body’s respiratory system, thus a person who suffers an allergy attack may experience breathlessness, wheezing or bronchial spasms. Sulfites may also cause allergy rashes and a burning sensation. In worse cases, anaphylactic shock can occur as a result of this compound. No allergic reactions or illnesses that are linked to the affected golden raisins have been reported.

Consumers who bought the recalled products are encouraged to dispose of it or return the product to their place of purchase. Consumers who are concerned about the recall can also call Shata Trading at 718-369-7000 with any questions they may have.