green shopPerhaps it may be blamed on evolution, but the fact remains that while women love to shop, most men squirm at the idea, especially shopping for groceries. However, grocery shopping need not be as boring and full of hassles as men perceive it to be. As with everything else in life, all that is needed is a little planning!

Patience is necessary during shopping. For most men, shopping for groceries is an in-out mission hurriedly done. If one does not enjoy browsing through the aisles, it could also be helpful to make a list before leaving the house. One could divide the list into four:

  • Meals including frozen foods such as frozen pizzas or frozen hamburgers and instant soups which could be great appetizers
  • Ingredients: these could include vegetables, eggs, spices, salt, sugar and fruits. One great tip while buying veggies is that the more colourful they are, the better
  • Drinks like tea, coffee, fresh juices or soft drinks
  • Snacks that are relatively easy to shop for

The next thing that generally puts off guys while shopping is the many different brands that exist. It would be advisable to stick to a particular brand while shopping and since most company brands produce a variety of products, one could just shop all their products from the same company. However, with time, when one is familiar with a variety of brands, they will be able to identify the best brand for a particular product. Shopping in bulk is also great, reducing the number of trips to the store. However, there are some products like bread and milk that have a short lifespan and should be bought weekly.

For the single guys out there, shopping is also a great way to meet women, as women shop for groceries too. So, if at one point you are confused about how fresh the cabbage is, don’t be shy to ask the beautiful lady standing next to you.