Grocery Stores That Have Some of The Lowest-Priced Groceries

Grocery Prices CutA price comparison has been conducted on four local grocery stores in Georgia to find out which of the four sells the cheapest grocery items.

The stores involved in the price comparison are Publix, Rockbridge Ingles, Kroger on Hairston Road and Memorial Drive’s Save a Lot. In the comparison, the prices of five most common grocery items were compared. These items were whole wheat bread, a gallon of milk, a pound of chicken breasts (skinless), a dozen eggs (large) and a pound of red apples.

After the comparison, results showed that Publix, Krogers and Ingles have relatively the same prices, excluding promotions or coupons. However, what made the difference are the discount cards that both Kroger and Ingles have for its customers. In the same week, both Kroger and Ingles were having items on sale for those who had discount cards. For Kroger, milk and chicken prices were discounted for those who had discount cards. At Ingles, bread and chicken were on sale for those who had the cards. Publix had a sale on apples, even without a discount card. Of the four stores, Save a Lot offered the cheapest prices, however not all of the items were available. Also, the selection at Save a Lot was smaller compared to the other three.

The choice of where to go for the cheapest grocery items still vary for every shopper. For instance, if Save a Lot already has everything that you need, then definitely it is the best store to visit. However, if you have to go to another store because the items that you need are not available in the current grocery store that you are shopping in, then maybe the better choice would be to find one that offers discount cards and has all or most of the things that you need in just one stop.

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