Harris Ranch Beef Company

Harris Ranch Beef Company The Harris Ranch Beef Company is one of United States’ largest producers of beef. In 2010, the company was able to supply 150,000,000 lbs. of beef to its customers.

The Harris Ranch Beef Company was founded in 1937 by Jack Harris in Fresno County, California. Originally, the ranch was engaged in the processing of cotton and grain.

Over the years, the ranch has grown into a large, vertically-integrated agricultural business. Despite its expansion, Harris Ranch has remained owned by the Harris family. Aside from the ranch, the family also operates a restaurant and an inn (opened in 1977). The company also grows vegetables and fruits (pomegranate, garlic, tomatoes and 35 other kinds of fruits and vegetables), as well as raises thoroughbred horses(started in 1966). The horses bred in Harris Ranch have campaigned successfully in tracks all over the country.

Harris Ranch also owns several trucks to transport cattle. Aside from supplying live cattle, the ranch also slaughters, finishes and packs its own meat products. It also supplies hamburger meat for foodservice chains such as In-N-Out Burger. Harris Ranch also distributes its beef products as well as prepared meals to restaurants and grocery stores all over the United States. With its achievements in specialty products, Harris Ranch has been considered a forerunner in this type of market, being the first to create a strong brand in the specialty product niche.

Currently, Harris Ranch continues to operate under the leadership of John Harris, Jack Harris’ son. Under his management, Harris Ranch has become very popular in producing beef that is of the finest quality. Together, Harris Ranch’s Beef Company and Feeding Company have established as companies that are very innovative in their respective fields. The company’s restaurant and inn business has also been doing well, serving only Prime Beef and the Choicest Beef available, as well as providing its consumers with the freshest vegetables and fruits. Harris Ranch has continued to practice its philosophy of providing only the best care, service and products to its customers. Its beef products have also remained organic and as great-tasting as it always. Harris Ranch beef products are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Headquarters: Central California, USA
Ownership Type: Private
No. of Employees: over 400
Geography: USA
Demography: fresh beef and processed beef consumers, foodservice operators

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  1. mary June 5, 2015 at 12:38 am - Reply

    is Harris Ranch beef (from Raley’s) antibiotic-free?

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