Kay’s NaturalsKay’s Naturals, Inc. is a food manufacturing company which produces natural snacks and cereals. All the products manufactured by this company are 100% gluten free. The company is based in Minnesota in the USA, and it distributes its products to all parts of the country.

Kay’s Naturals, Inc. was founded by Dr. Massoud Kazemzadeh. He was also known as Dr. Kay. The inspiration behind his business was his first wife, Linda, a juvenile diabetic.

Dr. Kay received a Ph.D. in Food Science from Texas A&M University. When he completed his studies, he relocated to Minneapolis with his family and got a job in one of the snack manufacturing companies there. His job was to develop new varieties of snacks.

While working in the snack food industry, he found out that most of the snacks contained more carbohydrates than protein, which was bad for people suffering from diabetes, who require a low carbohydrate diet.  After seeing his wife struggling with her illness, he wanted to make foods that were diabetic friendly, with less carbohydrates and more protein. Dr. Kay started to do research into manufacturing healthier snack foods and decided to start his own company.

In 1997, his wife, Linda, passed away, and after a few years, he fulfilled their dream. He had experienced the troubles faced by people with diabetes, and again started experimenting with ingredients to make nutritional foods.

After several years, he married an attorney from Texas named Ann Jones. When she heard their story, Ann supported Dr. Kay to start his company. Thus, Kay’s Naturals, Inc. was founded. Ann started running the company and became successful in marketing the company’s products while Dr. Kay continued his research to improve the nutrition and quality of the products. The snacks and cereals manufactured by the company contained only 57% net carbohydrates. Moreover, the products became a nutritional alternative to regular snacks with 33% soy protein and 10% fiber.

The company’s protein rich products have become very popular. The snacks come in a wide variety of flavors such as white cheddar cheese and lemon herb Protein Chips and jalapeno honey mustard pretzel sticks. More products have been introduced over the years. Most of its customers are people with diabetes, body builders, and athletes. Due to high demand, Kay’s Naturals, Inc. introduced Protein Chips. Since January 2009, all the products are wheat and gluten free.

Company headquarters: 100 First Ave, SE, Clara City, MN, USA
Ownership: Private
Annual revenue: $500,000
Number of employees: 4
Geography: USA
Demography: Natural, Organic and Gluten free

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