Kimchi For the Flu SeasonThe superfood of the 21st century, scientists at Seoul National University used Kimchi to treat chickens infected with avian flu. Kimchi is a seasoned variety of Sauerkraut that shares Lactobacillus bacteria with traditional Sauerkraut, which may be the critical element in preventing Avian Flu. Korean kimchi, made by fermenting a mixture of vegetables, garlic, peppers and fish juice is believed to be one of the healthiest foods on earth, packed with anti-oxidants, minerals and healthy bacteria.

According to an October 2005 BBC report, Kimchi was fed to 13 infected chickens and 11 of them started recovering within a week. South Korean Kimchi consumption is up as a result of this report and U.S. sales of Sauerkraut are also expected to spike up.

The November 2005 issue of Men’s Health Magazine advises constructing a pandemic kit, including nonperishable foods: “Make a few of the cans Sauerkraut; it’s packed with lactic-acid bacteria, shown by Korean researchers to speed recovery of chickens infected with avian flu.”

A 19th century Old Farmer’s Almanac has recipes for Sauerkraut to treat virtually every ailment under the sun. Now, Kimchi been cited as having cancer fighting abilities and may be a cure for seasonal flu. Eat if you are not going on a date, it smells but it does taste good.