Temptations by Jell-OKraft Foods, Inc. has recently launched an addition to its line of Jell-O products, the Temptations by Jell-O.

Part of the company’s promotion of the new product is a free tasting of it, which can only be available by becoming a member of Kraft First Taste. By logging in, members can get a coupon for a pack of three Temptations by Jell-O for free.

Temptations by Jell-O are the first Kraft Jell-O product that is made specifically for adults. This new line of Jell-O products appeals to adults who are conscious about the number of calories they take in everyday. Temptations Jell-O contains a minimum of 60 calories to a maximum of 150 calories each. It is available in six flavors which include cheesecake (strawberry and raspberry) and pies (apple custard, double chocolate, French silk and lemon meringue).

This does not mean to say though that the new Jell-O variety is not appealing to kids. With a filling of rich pies and cheesecakes, topped with a layer of fruits or whipped cream, Temptations is bound to appeal to both children and adults alike.

Despite the delectability of this new product from Kraft, controversy arose because of Temptation’s new TV commercial, which aired in the last weeks of March. The commercial featured a family camp out, where mom and dad were scaring the kids with choco beast stories in order to get the Temptations Jell-O that the kids stole. A number of negative feedback from the online community was received by the new product, primarily complaining about the commercial being done in bad taste.

Time can only tell if the impact that the Temptations TV commercial has made can significantly affect the new product’s success in the market.