Kraft Kraft Foods is a food production company based in Illinois in the USA. It manufactures and distributes food products to almost every part of the world.

Kraft Foods started out in many places around the globe and with many innovators in the production of food products. The history of Kraft foods dates back to 1767, when Bayldon, Berry and Joseph Terry founded Terry’s of York in York, England. It sold candied fruit peel known as Cote d’Or which was introduced in 1883.

Maxwell Coffee was founded by Joel Cheek in 1892 when he created a special blend of coffee for the Maxwell House Hotel.

In 1903, James .L. Kraft opened a new cheese manufacturing plant in Chicago, Illinois. When Vegemite cheese was introduced by Fred Walker & Co. in Melbourne, Kraft bought a share.

In 1927, Kool-Aid was introduced by Edwin Perkins. He modified a soft drink and concentrated it into a powder. In 1928, the company bought Phenix Cheese Corporation, the makers of Philadelphia cream cheese. When Kraft bought the company, its name was changed to Kraft-Phenix Corporation. In 1937, Kraft introduced a new line of ready to eat meals and named it Kraft Dinner. The Oscar Mayer advertisement was featured in TV in 1963.

A few years later, General Foods merged with a Korean company Dong Suh Foods. In Japan, it merged with Ajinomoto and formed a new company, Ajinomoto General Foods (AGF). In 1981, Oscar Mayer & Co, Inc. was sold to General Foods. Again, in 1985, General Foods was sold to Philip Morris Cos. In 1986, Tombstone Pizza Corp. was bought by Kraft foods, which was later acquired by Philip Morris Cos. After that, the company started producing convenience meals under the name Lunchables. The merging of Kraft and General Foods was a major event of 1989.

By 1992, the company expanded its business to Europe. Another merging took place in 2000, when Philip Morris Cos. bought Nabisco Holdings Corporation. The company became public in 2001. On Feb. 2, 2010, Kraft acquired Cadbury chocolate.

Company headquarters: Three Lakes Drive, Northfield, IL, USA.
Ownership: Public
Annual revenue: $55 billion
Number of employees: 127,000
Geography: Worldwide
Demography: Natural and Organic

Alpen Gold
Crystal Light
Cadbury Crème Egg
Cracker Barrel
Capri Sun
Cote d’Or
Cool Whip
Cheeze Whiz
Cadbury dairy milk
General Foods International
Hollywood Gum
Kraft cheese
Miracle Whip
Maxwell House
The Natural Confectionery Company
Stove Top
Wheat Thins

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