KuhnsKuhn’s is a chain of grocery stores owned by the original founding family and situated in Pennsylvania, United States. The company has grown over the years and by 2009, it had at least 800 employees and 9 full service stores under operation. The company has a slogan, “A Pittsburgh Tradition.”


Kuhn’s Quality Foods was stated in 1967 and has since then grown and expanded to different locations. Between 1967 and 1992, the chain expanded to five major locations. In 2006, two Shop n Save stores were acquired by Kuhn’s from SuperValu. Acquisition of the former Shop ‘N Save stores, left a Kuhn’s store vacant. A discount retailer, Big Lots, leased the vacant store in 2009. There were planned to open a tenth store in Hill District. However, the development details of the plans have not yet been disclosed.  Recently, it appears that Kuhn’s markets have slowed down on the development process. The markets spokesman has cited economic reasons as the main deterrent of development. None of Kuhn’s market had a representation by a trade union prior to the year 2009. Instead the markets were represented by an “Employee Council” that was company-sponsored. Each store has representatives who discuss issues affecting employees.


Headquarters: 661 Lincoln Avenue, Bellevue, PA

Ownership: Family-ownership

Number of stores: 10 grocery stores

No. of employees: More than 800

Geography: Pennsylvania

Demographics: Retail shoppers, grocery shoppers, value shoppers

Services: florist, groceries, sundries, convenience stores


Kuhn’s Quality Foods owns 2 Shop ‘n Save stores

The company is associated with SuperValu, which serves as its main supplier.

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