Landis-logo-300x157Landis Supermarket is a store that has been operational for more than seventy years. For all these years, the supermarket has shown commitment towards serving its community and providing fresh produce and food products.


Landis Supermarket was started in 1938 by Frank Landis and his wife, Sadie. The couple opened a small-sized supermarket in Telford’s Main Street. The supermarket’s history spans across three generations. For more than seventy years, the company has shown consistent growth with the communities that it serves faithfully. Its tradition of excellence has never disappointed. It is worth noting that Landis Supermarket has shown commitment in not only enhancing convenience, but also providing the freshest food products. Customers are sure to have the best shopping experience. There is a wide selection of products ranging from organic to natural products. Baked products are also available, and customers get a chance to have distinctive and unique products. The freshest Lancaster produce is also available in Landis Supermarket, as well as a market deli with premium cheeses, meats and homemade salads. The company has shown continual growth and expansion, and this is partly due to the expertise and commitment of its employees. The company has for a long time embraced the traditions of personal and friendly service.


Headquarters: 2685 County Line Road, Telford, PA

Ownership: Family Ownership

No. of Employees: About 600 employees

Geography: Telford, Schwenksville, Perkasie, Vernfield

Demography: Natural and Organic shoppers

Special Services: In-store pharmacy, in-store banking, food bars


Duke Oven Bake Shop that provides baked food items such as custom decorated cakes and wedding cakes

Special diet stores that provide natural and organic foods, gluten free foods and sugar free foods

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