Maryland-based food manufacturing giant McCormick & Co. has recently rolled out a new range of rubs and marinades. The new additions to the line of products called “McCormick Grill Mates,” is said to transform any grilled food into a totally different kind of grilled masterpiece.

This new line of marinades and rubs are perfect for the usual backyard favorites, adding more flavors to grilled dishes and making them more appetizing. Grill Mates come in four varieties:

Brown Sugar Bourbon Marinade – This marinade is a unique combination of brown sugar, red bell peppers, bourbon and spices. Adding this to meat will prove to be delicious on beef, pork, chicken or shrimp.

Mexican Fiesta Marinade – This marinade is a combination of original Mexican spices, garlic, onion and chili peppers. This is perfect on chicken, shrimp or beef.

Applewood Rub – This rub is a combination of spices, garlic, applewood-smoke flavor and peppers. Applewood Rub will give any kind of meat a bold and flavorful crust that will seal in the meat’s juices and will make any grilled dish even more delicious.

Smokehouse Maple Seasoning Blend – This rub is a combination of spices that have been coarsely ground to bring out a sweet and smoky flavor. This seasoning blend will liven up any meat, especially chicken, salmon or pork.

Grill Mates from McCormick are now available in retail stores all over the country. The marinades are sold at $1.19 for every 1.25-ounce pack. The Applewood Rub has a retail price of $2.89 for every 4.41-ounce jar. The Smokehouse Maple Blend has a retail price of $1.99 for every 3.50-ounce jar.