McCormick & Company Incorporated recently launched a new product called Recipe Inspiration World Flavors.

For a long time, people in America have been patronizing international cuisines, whether it be sold in international food vehicles or in ethnic takeout restaurants. Because McCormick knows well how America loves trying out global food, it has come up with a new product that will help American consumers create delicious tasting global foods right at home.

The company assures consumers that its new product is both fun, easy-to-use and very helpful in creating excellent ethnic dishes. Recipe Inspiration World Flavors are basically pre-measured spices that are made from fresh and healthy ingredients.

Using this product helps reduce cooking time significantly and makes cooking more convenient. The pre-measured and pre-mixed spices can help you prepare an excellent international meal in 30 minutes or less.

Varieties for this spice product includes Chicken Marsala (a mixture of minced garlic, marjoram leaves, minced onions, black pepper, basil and parsley), Tuscan Style Chicken Stew (minced garlic, coarse black pepper , fennel seed, crushed leaves of rosemary and oregano) Chicken Tikka Masala (minced garlic, paprika, Garam masala, crushed red pepper, ground cumin), Asian Style Sesame Salmon (a mixture of ground ginger, minced garlic, red pepper, sesame seeds and minced onions), Caribbean Style Grilled Steak and Chicken Cacciatore (a mixture of coarse black pepper, marjoram leaves, crushed leaves of rosemary and thyme, and minced garlic). Each recipe packet contains the premeasured spices together with a recipe card that is plastic-coated. This recipe card can then be filed for use another time.

These pre-mixed and pre-measured spice products from McCormick are now available in grocery stores nationwide.