New All-Natural Jerky Snacks From Oberto

Kent, Washington-based food company Oberto Brands is currently introducing the public to a new kind of all-natural snack. The new product, known as the “Oh Boy! Oberto All-Natural Jerky Snacks,” comes in several varieties for consumers to choose from.

With this new product, Oberto is considered  the first company to offer an all-natural alternative to the different jerky brands that are available in the market today, especially among those snacks that are known to be “grab-and-go.” This new all-natural snack item is made from a new recipe that has resulted in a hearty and flavorful jerky, seasoned, dried and smoked the natural way.

This jerky snack does not have any preservatives, nor does it have any artificial flavors. It also does not have any added monosodium glutamate and has less sodium than other similar products. All varieties are also gluten-free. The products’ ingredients are limited to meat (either beef, turkey or pork), sugar, beef stock, water, natural flavorings, spices, and vinegar. As a finished product, the jerky snack has a naturally smoky flavor.

Varieties of this jerky snack are “Original Beef Teriyaki,” “Hickory Beef Jerky,” “Pepperred Beef Jerky,” and “BBQ Pork Jerky.” Turkey varieties are “Teriyaki Turkey Jersey” and “Teriyaki Beef Jerky.”

According to the company’s CEO Tom Ennis, jerky has been a popular snack for a long time. Although these products are high in protein, most that are available in the market have a lot of artificial ingredients in them, ingredients that were not good for the body. This is what drove the company to create a healthier alternative for jerky snacks. This new, all-natural jerky snack is already in retail stores for $5.00 per 3.25-oz. pack. The product is also available in 1.5-oz. and 9-oz. packs.

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