Chocolate TeaTea company Republic of Tea® introduced a new line of chocolate tea products just this month.

Called Cuppa Chocolate, this tea collection is all-natural. Each variety of chocolate tea is produced from pure South African rooibos. This antioxidant-rich ingredient is blended with chocolate, herbs, all-organic cocoa powder, fruit and spices. All of the company’s tea products are free from caffeine.

Tea lovers will surely enjoy the new and delicious flavor of chocolate in tea. What is even better is that these tea flavors are all calorie-free so all tea-lovers can just indulge without feeling a trace a guilt.

The Chocolate Cuppa collection has four chocolate varieties, which are: Red Velvet (with vanilla, bits of beet root and leaves of sweet blackberry); Strawberry Chocolate (carob, cocoa kernels, strawberry flavor, sweet blackberry, vanilla) peppermint, vanilla, mint and leaves of sweet blackberry); Peppermint (with rooibos and cool peppermint) and Coconut Cocoa (with coconut, roasted chicory, roasted carob and dates).

Chocolate Cuppa teas are perfect for after-dinner drinks. You can also indulge in this chocolate tea goodness during chilly nights, you can even add a little warm milk to it for that sweet taste. This is also a perfect drink before going to bed, as Chocolate Cuppa teas are free from caffeine, and thus will not keep you awake. Added to this fact is that the rooibos component in the tea is rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Each tin of Cuppa Chocolate (contains 36 tea bags which are all-natural and unbleached) tea is priced at $9.50. This product is available for sale online or at specialty food retail stores all over the country.